A Quick Summer Update

Dear Metropolis Cycles community,

We wanted to reach out with a quick update on some store policy changes. These changes are designed to help better serve our wonderful customers (you!) enjoy their summer on two wheels! 

First, we know everyone is eager to get outside, causing a boom in the bike industry throughout the entire country. Just like toilet paper a couple months back, bikes and parts are becoming scarce. In response to this, Shayne has decided to expand our bicycle trade-in program, and you can now use your trade-in value on the following:

– New bike purchase

– Used bike purchase

– Any service on your existing bicycle (make two bikes one nice bike!)

– Any in store accessory 

– Some special order items (this is within reason to limit back orders, please       call or stop by to ask for details)

This will help us stock more bikes at reasonable prices while helping you get rid of the old bike you don’t want anymore! We can generally offer over Bicycle Bluebook value and all bikes we resell have been fully tuned-up by one of our expert mechanics.

Second, we have always strived to have the shortest turnaround time in town while keeping our quality top-notch. We are striving to do that, but our time lines are pretty long due to current demands. The timeline we give you when you drop off your bike is a worst-case scenario. We are doing everything in our ability to get you back on the road ASAP while staying safe and healthy. We very much appreciate everyone’s patience.

Lastly, please keep in mind, that we require ALL customers who would like to come inside to wear a mask. We also limit the number of customers entering the store, so if you need to look at bikes or accessories you will be asked to wait until the store is safe to enter. If you are looking to pick up or drop off a bike for service, we can generally help you outside to help speed things along. If you have any questions or concerns please call us during normal business hours.


Monday 11am – 5pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 11am – 5pm

Thursday 11am – 5pm

Friday 11am – 5pm

Saturday 11am – 5pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm

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