Staff Bios

Thank you to Martin Vecchio for the amazing photos!



Notable Accomplishments: Undefeated Coney Dog Relay Leadoff Man, Owner/Operator of World Record Jean Short Cannon, Frame Builder @ GLDGLD Frameworks.  (

What they ride: 2016 Surly Krampus, 2017 Fairdale Goodship, GLDGLD Frameworks Gravel bike, GLDGLD Frameworks Track bike, Salsa Cycles Marrakesh, Surly Moonlander.

Ted Says: “Sometimes, to GET anything in life, you have to DO anything in life.”0810-MV-Metropolis_272



Notable Accomplishments: 3x Reigning and Defending Coolest Guy You Know, 2015 Best Vegan Award, Smokes With Cigarettes

What they ride: 2014 Bianchi San Jose, 2012 Surly Long Haul Trucker (Custom 120spd, don’t ask), 1957 Hercules 2000, 1967 Atala

Shayne Says: “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the other 119 speeds on this bike”0810-MV-Metropolis_066



Notable Accomplishments: Unreleased album w/ James Pants (as Brad Lee Potts) “Potts and Pants,” Leader of local inspecific harmless group that no one is supposed to talk about, current lead guitarist for local heartthrobs Mirror Moon.

What they ride: 2016 Surly Pugsley, 2017 Fairdale Weekender Drop, 90’s Custom Simpson’s Specialized Hard Rock, 1973 Carabela (Cinelli professional clone), 1989 Lincoln Town Truck

Brad Says: “Will fix bikes for money. Will fix money for bikes.”


Joe A.


Notable Accomplishments: Former State Spelling Bee winner, Undefeated Coney Dog Relay Anchor Leg, Former Undefeated Competitive Eater, 2x New York Night Train Soul Clap Dance Contest Winner

What they ride: 2008 Planet-X Kaffenback, 2005 Planet-X Jack Flash, 2001 Rocky Mountain Element Race, 1998 Kona Cinder Cone w/ Custom Dropouts by Motorless City, 1991 Trek 970, 1987 Miyata 512 Competition, 1986 Miyata 610 Touring, 1984 GT Performer 24” BMX Cruisera.

Joe says: “Hi, thanks for calling Metropolis Cycles, how can I help you?”